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New Investor or Old Pro: We Can Help

We at Lakestone Properties know that home and apartment owners can lease their own properties. We also know that, as owners and investors, you often have better ways to utilize your time and your energy. Therefore, we supply the following:

  • Full screening and qualification of prospective tenants
  • Advertising and marketing of available properties
  • Move-in/Move-out checklists and reports
  • Automated rent collections and regular disbursements to owners
  • Routine maintenance and repair services
  • Full record-keeping, with accounting on a scheduled basis
  • Reasonable fees

We are always available to meet with owners and, as full-service real estate professionals, we can offer brokerages services to owners and investors as necessary.

We have built our reputation on effective property management skills. We take your business seriously, seeking at all times to ensure that your rental homes and apartments enjoy the highest occupancy rates, the highest rental rates, the best service we can provide, and a consistently high return on investment.